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This category was Just for Friends but I am adding Family pictures as well as they become available. Quotes and Motivations is sometimes suitable. You may also like to try Good Morning and Evening......Special Days of Week......How would you like to wish your friend a good weekend? Find them there!

Keep Your Sunny Disposition
Keep Your Sunny Disposition (free)
A Faithful Friend - 1
A Faithful Friend - 1 (free)
Thinking of You Friend
Thinking of You Friend (free)
Sweet Nostalgia - 1
Sweet Nostalgia - 1 (free)
Nature and Sunshine
Nature and Sunshine (free)
Do You Spread Joy
Do You Spread Joy (free)
Wish My Friends - 1
Wish My Friends - 1 (free)
Living Life Fully - 1
Living Life Fully - 1 (free)
Purpose n Satisfaction
Purpose n Satisfaction (free)
Country Leisure - 1
Country Leisure - 1 (free)
There is Hope - 2
There is Hope - 2 (free)
Peace of Mind - 1
Peace of Mind - 1 (free)
What We Look For
What We Look For (free)
Peaceful Moments - 1
Peaceful Moments - 1 (free)
No To Negative Thoughts
No To Negative Thoughts (free)
Live it your Best
Live it your Best (free)
Have A Sleep-In
Have A Sleep-In (free)
Country Road - 1
Country Road - 1 (free)
Missing Country
Missing Country (free)
Nostalgic New Weds
Nostalgic New Weds (free)
Time with Grandad
Time with Grandad (free)
Old-time Story Time
Old-time Story Time (free)
Those Good Old Times
Those Good Old Times (free)
Positive Expectations
Positive Expectations (free)
New Confidence
New Confidence (free)
Love my Friend
Love my Friend (free)
Apology Note - 1
Apology Note - 1 (free)
Apology Note - 2
Apology Note - 2 (free)
Bright Side - 1
Bright Side - 1 (free)
Live it your Best
Live it your Best (free)
Best of Friends
Best of Friends (free)
Drawn to Light
Drawn to Light (free)
Making Changes - 1
Making Changes - 1 (free)
Out of Sight
Out of Sight (free)
Take heart my Friend
Take heart my Friend (free)
Nice to have Hope
Nice to have Hope (free)
Smiles Everyday
Smiles Everyday (free)
Good Morning Friend
Good Morning Friend (free)
Having Confidence
Having Confidence (free)
Quotes - 1
Quotes - 1 (free)
Quotes - 2
Quotes - 2 (free)
What We Look For
What We Look For (free)
Take a Nap
Take a Nap (free)
Happy Side
Happy Side (free)
Opportunities Come
Opportunities Come (free)
My Opportunity
My Opportunity (free)
Quote about Life
Quote about Life (free)
Friendship Note 1
Friendship Note 1 (free)
Look for Good
Look for Good (free)
Simple Thankyou
Simple Thankyou (free)
Be Yourself - 2
Be Yourself - 2 (free)
Be Confident
Be Confident (free)
A Loving Thought
A Loving Thought (free)