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Christmas has so much mixture - the fanciful; telling skites to kids, being churchy religious; debts imposed; how many beers you can manage...... I left a few Silhouette Cards here and decided to have this category instead. I will have more Cards for the New Year Season than there is now. It's a good time to start afresh each year hey? Personally, I think our Creator gave us New Months and Seasons and Years to lift our spirit, and replenish hope sometimes.

New Year 5
New Year 5 (free)
Celebrate Jesus
Celebrate Jesus (free)
Jesus Came For Me
Jesus Came For Me (free)
Jesus Came For You
Jesus Came For You (free)
God with Us
God with Us (free)
New Year 3
New Year 3 (free)
New Year 4
New Year 4 (free)
Happy-New-year (free)
How Time Flies
How Time Flies (free)