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If you look for the Don't know what to say? drop down menu after the emoticons, you will find a few Christmas poems. There are also 10 really nice Christmas Carols in the drop down Audio Menu. You can find Christmas and New Year emoticons as well. Enjoy!

Merry Christmas Bells - 1
Merry Christmas Bells - 1 (free)
Christmas Town
Christmas Town (free)
Christmas - New Year 2
Christmas - New Year 2 (free)
Visit at Bethlehem
Visit at Bethlehem (free)
New Year Is Here
New Year Is Here (free)
A Pleasant Christmas
A Pleasant Christmas (free)
Be Blessed This Year
Be Blessed This Year (free)
A Better Year
A Better Year (free)
Peace This Christmas
Peace This Christmas (free)
Christmas - New Year
Christmas - New Year (free)
Christmas Child
Christmas Child (free)
Reason to Celebrate
Reason to Celebrate (free)
New Year 5
New Year 5 (free)
Jesus the Reason
Jesus the Reason (free)
Christmas Banner
Christmas Banner (free)
Blessed Christmas - 2
Blessed Christmas - 2 (free)
Celebrate Jesus
Celebrate Jesus (free)
Jesus Came For Me
Jesus Came For Me (free)
Jesus Came For You
Jesus Came For You (free)
God with Us
God with Us (free)
Christmas Season
Christmas Season (free)
Blessed Christmas - 1
Blessed Christmas - 1 (free)
Christmas Candles
Christmas Candles (free)
Bethlehem 1
Bethlehem 1 (free)
Bethlehem 2
Bethlehem 2 (free)
Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights (free)
Christmas Snowman
Christmas Snowman (free)
Christmas Gifts
Christmas Gifts (free)
Christmas Candy
Christmas Candy (free)
Our house to your house
Our house to your house (free)
New Year 3
New Year 3 (free)
New Year Friends
New Year Friends (free)
New Year 4
New Year 4 (free)
Happy-New-year (free)
Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights (free)
Christmas 2015
Christmas 2015 (free)
How Time Flies
How Time Flies (free)
Christmas Celebrations
Christmas Celebrations (free)
Kiddys Christmas
Kiddys Christmas (free)